Giving the sensation of flying above the water, the Wingfoil allows you to ride in very little wind.

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Wingfoil School in Fuerteventura - Canary Islands - Spain

Discover Kite Foil You, your Wingfoil school in Fuerteventura !
Group lessons or private lessons, come and learn or improve your skills in Wingfoiling in complete safety in a heavenly place

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What is WING FOIL?

It is not necessary to already know how to kite or another sliding sport, you can start directly with Wingfoil. The Wingfoil is very suitable for many spots, since it is not necessary to have a beach to take off and its use requires little wind. Having the wing directly in hand allows you to let go quickly and the fact of not having a line reduces the risks and allows you in the event of problems or a breakdown in the wind to return to swimming, lying on the board. .

At Kite Foil You, learning is done first on the beach with the handling of the Wing, then in the water in Wing+Paddle, then with the Wing+Board+Foil combo.

When learning Wingfoil, the choice of equipment is essential and it is crucial not to skip the stages. Equipment that is not suitable for your weight, size or level will not work and will cause you to give up. Each stage of learning corresponds to an appropriate material.

Take a wing directly in your hand, a board equipped with a foil that goes with the speed to lift you above the water, safety equipment and go through the learning stages. That’s it, you’re flying! The feeling is completely crazy and so peaceful.

Evolution over 3 days of lessons

Example of a 3-days Wingfoiling lessons and passing the different training stages ( around 9 hours )

At Kite Foil You, we aim for the autonomy of our students and autonomy for us is:

know how to analyze the weather conditions in relation to the characteristics of a new spot

always put the safety of others and yourself first

know how to make the decision to cancel your session (surely the most difficult point 😁) when you are not sure of the security

know how to choose your equipment accordingly and fully understand how it works

be respectful and supportive of other practitioners

try to keep smiling when you get a crash 😁🤙

plan your session and organize it so as not to be dependent on others

remain humble in the face of nature, do not challenge it and respect it

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Services included in your course!


You are always insured for your lessons!


We provide the necessary equipment

Radio Support

Live communication by radio, attached to the helmet

Photos / Videos of the session

We provide you with photos / videos of your session

IWO level certificate

Receive international accreditation in the form of a virtual card attesting to your level


Possibility of free transport according to organization


All our instructors are IWO certified. At the end of your course, you will receive a virtual card attesting to your level and valid in all IWO/IKO clubs around the world.

Private Wingfoiling Lessons

1 lesson of 2 hours


1 lesson of 3 hours


2 lessons of 2h = 4h


2 lessons of 3h = 6h


3 lessons of 2h = 6h


3 lessons of 3h = 9h


4 lessons of 2h = 8h


4 lessons of 3h = 12h


Group lesson - 2 students

Price / student

1 lesson of 2 hours


1 lesson of 3 hours


2 lessons = 6h


3 lessons = 9h


4 lessons = 12h


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